The Gift (Guide) of Health

Tis the season to show people that you care — and what better way to stress that message than to give them gifts that support their physical and emotional well-being? Gifting, no matter how big or small, is a gift to yourself too as it boosts your happiness endorphins! Research shows that prosocial spending — spending on others — can lead to greater happiness than spending money on yourself. The holidays are the perfect time to embrace the warm glow of giving the gift of health.

Here are ideas from our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) and Chefs to keep your family and friends feeling their best year-round.

Having quality, working kitchen equipment is one of the easiest ways to make spending time in the kitchen more enjoyable. From novice to pro, help those you care about improve their home cooking.

Taking care of our body is rewarding for both physical and mental health. Look for gifts that encourage activity and body attunement.

75% of the US population is chronically dehydrated. Staying hydrated not only keeps your body functioning properly, but it also plays a role in sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Make hydration fun with these gift suggestions.

Research has shown people who take part in a hobby are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. Spending time on an activity you enjoy can improve mental health and well-being. Encourage new hobbies this season.


Breath in, breath out, and help let the tension go. Help loved ones find a moment of Zen to improve their mental well-being with gifts that encourage relaxation.

Give the gift that truly keeps on giving! Get your loved one a subscription service to encourage year-round well-being. From produce delivery and meal subscriptions to cooking lessons and composting services, you can find a subscription service for all things food related.

Support your loved ones and your local community with a wellness related gift card.

  • Local farm to fork restaurant
  • Spa
  • Night away
  • Local fitness store